Phys 1: The Rise (and Fall) is a puzzle adventure that requires players to use tools in order to solve physics problems. Learning is enhanced through quick experiential feedback in this platform world. Players must learn and adapt if they are to advance through the game. Obstacle randomization allows for unique problems for each player! Optimized for tablets.

Physics topics included:

-1D Kinematics (the three big equations)

-2D Kinematics (projectiles)

-Resistance (series and parallel)


-Slow down time to increase the accuracy of measurements.

-Measure displacement with finger swipe gestures.

-Use the calculation station by plugging in known variables. The embedded calculator assists with the algebra.

-Solve for laser velocity to avoid triggering the alarm.

-Experience acceleration in order to avoid obstacles and reach the destination.

-Experience free fall and the “magic” of -9.81 m/s2.

-Projectile motion comes to life with algebra based targeting.

-Solving for equivalent resistance opens the door to more challenges.

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